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Tone your legs, srengthen your heart and relieve some stress. Classes are 45 minutes long (in and out 55). Must bring towel and water for class. If using cycling shoes: SPD pedals. First timers please arrive 15 minutes before class.



A 55 minute workout designed to improve overall strength & endurance. Tone and sculpt your upper body and lower body through a series of muscle toning exercises, you'll transform your body in no time!



A 60 minute class that focuses on the mind and body connection. Some of the benefits associated with Yoga include improved flexibility, strength, concentration, balance, breathing, etc.



A 25 minue rouine that focuses on activating core abdominal muscles. Transform and tone your body during a fun workout designed with your abs in mind!



A 55 minute class suitable for all fitness levels. The workout consists of weight training for every major muscle group. Posture, correct lifting technique and core muscle engagement are emphasized.



A great way to burn fat, lose weight and get ultra-fit. This class mixes callisthenic and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training, and takes it to the next level! It is designed in a way that pushes you harder than you'd push yourself.



Punch & kick away stress, tension, nerves and irritation. This is 55 minute class alternates between cardio intervals and muscular strength endurance exercises.


A 60 minute class that combines the benefits of Yoga and Pilates mainly to bring greater awareness and to develop the body in a balanced way. A series of floor exercises incorporating both matwork exercises from Pilates and Yoga poses.


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